Building to LEED Gold

The Lot and Office Transformation (LOT) Project achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. The LOT Project included construction of two new 100,000 square foot office bulidings, named after Harry Cohn and Jack Cohn, which are currently being run off of a state of the art, highly efficient central heating and cooling plant.  Among the environmental initiatives associated with the completion of the project include:

  • the use of local and recycled building materials as well as diverting over 93 percent (16,128 tons) of construction waste material from landfills;
  • the incorporation of onsite filtration system for storm water runoff and low-flow toilets and urinals;
  • the use of low-emitting carpeting, paint, sealants, adhesives and wall coverings;
  • the installation of motion detector lights and energy efficient light bulbs;
  • the implementation of “Green Housekeeping” building maintenance standards;
  • the availability of preferred parking for low emitting and fuel efficient vehicles as well as car pools and van pools.

To further its commitment to green buildings, SPE has created an environmental check-list for all facilities that will establish a green performance baseline for our relocated properties worldwide.

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