Sony Electronics Initiatives - Recycling and Take Back

Sony is also striving to increase energy efficiency of its products and to reduce the use of new resources by reducing the size of products and using recycled plastics in products. At the same time, Sony is committed to responsible recycling of end-of-life consumer electronics products. Through the Sony Take Back Recycling Program, consumers can recycle any Sony-branded consumer electronics product for no fee. The long-term goal of Sony Electronics' US recycling programs is to recycle one pound of old consumer electronics equipment for every pound of new Sony product sold with this goal fast approaching at the current rate of 72%.  To date, over 265 million pounds of electronics wastes have been recycled.

Responsible Recycling

On July 20, 2011, Sony Electronics reaffirmed this commitment by partnering with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Sprint, and Dell to promote better management of discarded electronics by working solely with certified recyclers under the National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship.  This year, Sony Electronics has renewed its commitment for responsible recycling of electronics by participating in the EPA Sustainable Material Management Electronics Challenge launched in September 2012.  Our partnership with the EPA and other stakeholders will help us reach our "Road to Zero" goal of zero waste and zero environmental impact throughout the complete life cycle of all our products and related activities.

Billion pound challenge

Sony Electronics supports the Consumer Electronics Association's "Billion Pound Challenge." It's the first ever industry-wide electronics recycling initiative to recycle one billion pounds of electronics annually by 2016. Sony Electronics has collected and recycled more than 53 million pounds in calendar year 2012, a 160% increase from 2007 efforts. 

Trade-up with Sony’s trade-in program

Since the inception in 2007, Sony Electronics has strived to create convenient ways to trade in or recycle end-of-life electronic products. The Sony trade-in program accepts both eligible Sony and non-Sony products to trade them in for credit towards new Sony products.  Eligible product may be shipped free for processing or brought to Sony Stores or Sony Outlet stores.   For those products have no value or not eligible for trade-in program, Sony Take Back Recycle program offers nationwide electronics recycling opportunity where Sony products are recycled for free through drop off locations*.  For consumers whose closest drop off location is more than 25 miles away, Sony products less than 25 pounds can be shipped free for responsible recycling.  To find Trade-in values and nearest drop off locations for recycling program, visit Sony’s website at

*Non-Sony branded products may be recycled for nominal fee.

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