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The IPAX program provides educators with unique opportunities to gain valuable insight into today’s dynamic production environment. Through interaction with Imageworks’ and Sony Pictures Animation’s senior executives and artists via studio or on-site/virtual school visits, educators can bring valuable production knowledge to their programs. IPAX is also a resource for educators to provide students with learning opportunities and further encourage their development with scholarships and internships.

Virtual Visits

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For those who are unable to come visit our studio, Imageworks offers virtual school visits via Google hangouts. Through this medium, we will be able to give an overview of Sony Pictures Imageworks, go over our past, present and future projects, job opportunities and what we look for in prospective employees, as well as our IPAX internship and scholarship programs, at the comfort of your own school. Contact us to request a virtual school visit.

On site visits

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Our campus or yours? Come see what we do in Vancouver. You'll be introduced to what it is that we do and get a hint of how we do it. We invite groups from schools and clubs associated with schools to learn more about us. Tours are given by appointment only and last between one and two hours. Or, time and budgets permitting, we can make a visit to your campus and talk about Sony Pictures Imageworks, Sony Pictures Animation, and conduct reel and portfolio reviews.

IPAX internship

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Sony Pictures Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation offer a limited number of paid internship positions. Our internship program is designed to benefit those individuals that are striving for their artistic goals as well as help orient those who are still figuring out what they want to do.

Sande Scoredos memorial scholarship

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The Sande Scoredos Memorial Scholarship annually distributes funds to deserving students at accredited colleges and universities.

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On-site visit

IPAX member programs have access to personalized onsite visits and tour experiences. If you are in the Vancouver area or plan to visit, you are invited to visit our headquarters. Please contact us well in advance as these personalized tours are conducted on a limited basis.

Can't come to us?

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Time and budgets permitting, we can make a visit to your campus and talk about Sony Pictures Animation and Imageworks, and conduct reel and portfolio reviews.

Who should participate

We invite groups and clubs associated with schools to visit and learn more about us. Please try to schedule your tour with as much advance notice as possible. At least one month advance notice is preferred.

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IPAX internships

Sony Pictures Imageworks offers paid internship positions in our Vancouver location. Currently we are emphasizing our eight-week summer program that runs from mid-June through mid-August. The summer program will give individuals and continuing students entering their senior year an opportunity to work with fellow interns while being mentored by seasoned Sony Pictures Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation artists. During their time here, they will learn the software and processes used in high-end feature visual effect and animation production while concurrently developing their own artistic skills. We foster a feeling of real life day-to-day work expectations while supplying a continuous education. We encourage the interns to keep an open mind to all aspects on the shot pipeline by having various speakers, events and opportunities for the interns to experience.

Students desired

Our internship program is designed to benefit individuals striving for their artistic goals as well as help assist those who are still figuring out what they want to do. Individuals should be "sponges", seeking out every opportunity to learn and take advantage of the fully engaged feature production facility at Sony Pictures Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation. They should be open-minded, good listeners, and proactive. Please encourage your top students to apply for our program. For each student who applies they will need a faculty letter of recommendation that can be e-mailed or mailed in.


Must be eligible to work in Canada. For the duration of your internship, we will require you to provide supporting documentation which confirms your eligibility to work in Canada. Interns should be familiar with computers, operating systems, networks, and concepts of 3D graphics. Additionally, in-house computer training coursework using proprietary production software, tools, and methods used in production will be required.

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Student scholarships

The Sande Scoredos Memorial Scholarship program grants outstanding students with scholarships to be applied to their current academic enrollment. The Sande Scoredos Scholarship Program is named after a true pioneer in artist development and computer graphics education. Not only did Sande guide Imageworks' training program to become an industry leader but she also established and led the IPAX program at its inception. Recognizing promising talent and supporting their studies through the Sande Scoredos Memorial Scholarship Program is a fitting tribute to a great lady and outstanding teacher.

Eligibility guidelines

The applicant must be a full-time student carrying a minimum of 12 credits at an accredited college or university, must maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, and must receive passing grades in all classes. Students must have the goal of pursuing a profession in animation, visual effects, or a related technology.

Student scholarship materials must be submitted and mailed through a faculty representative recommending the student for consideration.

Next steps

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