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Faculty fellowship expectations

What IPAX Fellows can expect:
  • Fellowships provide individuals with real-time, hands-on experience through an in-house training program and opportunities to interact with professionals from the diverse disciplines within Sony Pictures Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation. Exposure to the digital production process and pipeline for CG animated features, visual effects and stereoscopic production is provided.
  • Full-time commitment of four to eight weeks on-site at Imageworks Culver City.
  • IPAX Fellows are unpaid and responsible for all their own expenses including housing and transportation.
  • Fellows are welcomed into the facility and provided with: access to the facility, a login, workspace, and phone. Fellows will be provided with a computer workstation and access to all production tools and software.
  • A real-time, hands-on experience:
  • Professional level in-house training program
  • Full course schedule
  • Proprietary software and tools
  • Shadow a feature production or department as schedules permit
  • Unique opportunity to gather information to take back to students and fellow faculty.
  • An opportunity to interact with Imageworks professionals at all levels and from diverse disciplines within the company.
  • First-hand experience of the production pipeline and processes of digital animation and effects for live action, CG features, and stereoscopic productions.
  • Imageworks will strive to strengthen the relationship with your school's program and look for ways to enrich and develop IPAX.
  • A limited number of fellowships are available on a highly selective basis.
  • Every effort will be made to answer questions from our Fellows and help them to pursue their goals. With the understanding that we are in production, Imageworks is eager to maximize the IPAX Fellowship experience.
What we expect from our IPAX Fellows:
  • Fellows must understand that Imageworks is fully engaged feature production facility.
  • Imageworks is engaged in the creation of digital assets for live action and feature animation. Fellows should be familiar with computers, operating systems, networks, and concepts of 3D graphics.
  • Fellows are required to complete the Imageworks in-house computer training coursework using proprietary production software, tools, and methods used in production.
  • Fellows should be flexible, open, proactive, and willing to seek out opportunities as they arise.
  • We strive to match the interests of the Fellows with the activities in the studio and structure each Fellowship individually. Shadow assignments are dependent on the availability of production and department schedules.
  • Fellows need to be sensitive to the time constraints of employees. All meetings with artists and production staff will be scheduled through the office of the IPAX Chair upon request.
  • Fellows must sign a standard nondisclosure agreement and adhere to all Sony Pictures Entertainment policies.
  • Fellows are encouraged to contribute to the constant exchange of ideas for the IPAX program by providing lectures and discussions in their area of expertise.
  • We depend on our visiting Fellows to provide valuable feedback to the IPAX program and its role in the future of the industry.
  • Fellows will have to sign the IPAX Agreement of Expectations.
  • The hosts for the IPAX Fellowships are the IPAX Chair and the IPAX Steering Committee. Any questions regarding these guidelines should be directed to the office of the IPAX Chair.