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13 West Street

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13 West Street
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About 13 West Street

Walt Sherill (Alan Ladd, This Gun for Hire, Shane) is brutally beaten by a gang of angry teenagers, but the police are unable to make headway in the case and Detective Sergeant Koleski (Rod Steiger, On the Waterfront, In the Heat of the Night) doesn't seem terribly concerned about catching the perpetrators. The only suspects are wealthy kids who are well protected by their parents. When Walt and his young wife Tracey (Dolores Dorn, Underworld U.S.A.) continue to feel threatened, he decides to track the teens himself—hiring a private detective, buying a gun, and stalking potential suspects. But Det. Koleski isn't sure that Sherill's interest in the case isn't more about vengeance than justice. The two come head to head as the teens and their cool, cold-blooded leader (Michael Callan, The Interns, Gidget Goes Hawaiian) keep trying to strike fear into the heart of the Sherill's suburban neighborhood. Newly remastered.


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Bernard C. Schoenfeld

Executive Producer

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Philip Leacock


William Bloom


Michael Callan, Dolores Dorn, Margaret Hayes, Alan Ladd, Kenneth MacKenna, Rod Steiger