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Address Unknown

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Address Unknown

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The legendary production designer William Cameron Menzies (Gone With The Wind) produced and directed this startling drama, made during World War II. Academy Award®-winner Paul Lukas (1943, Best Actor, Watch on the Rhine) and Morris Carnovsky (Dead Reckoning) star as German immigrants and art-dealers in San Francisco whose lifelong friendship is threatened when Lukas returns to Germany and comes under the sway of Nazi beliefs. The daughter and son of the two men, engaged to be married, are also caught up in the crisis. This riveting Hitchcock-style thriller, stunningly photographed by Rudolph Maté (Foreign Correspondent), blends suspense, romance, action and a powerful message into a unique and exciting film. The cast also includes K.T. Stevens, Carl Esmond, Peter Van Eyck, Emory Parnell, Frank Faylen, Charles Halton and Frank Reicher. Newly remastered.


Herbert Dalmas, Kressmann Taylor

Associate Producer

Lonnie D'Orsa


Sam Wood, William Cameron Menzies


William Cameron Menzies


Carl Esmond, Frank Faylen, Charles Halton, Paul Lukas, Emory Parnell, Peter Van Eyck, Frank Reicher, K.T. Stevens, Morris Carnovsky, Mady Christians, Mary Young, Erwin Kalser