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Alias MR. Twilight

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Alias MR. Twilight
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About Alias MR. Twilight

For Geoffrey Holden (Lloyd Corrigan, Cyrano de Bergerac), nothing is too good for his granddaughter Susan (Gigi Perreau, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit), who he spoils whenever he can. But when it comes to others, Geoffrey is a ruthless con man, swindling jewelry stores across the country in a variety of different scams. When Geoffrey meets Tim Quaine (Michael Duane, The Prince of Thieves), the boyfriend of Susan's governess and a police inspector specializing in fraud, Tim becomes suspicious of Geoffrey and starts putting the pieces together. Newly remastered.


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Brenda Weisberg

Executive Producer

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John Sturges


John Haggott


Lloyd Corrigan, Michael Duane, Trudy Marshall, Gigi Pereau