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A Reflection Of Fear

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A Reflection Of Fear

About A Reflection Of Fear

Renowned cinematographer William A. Fraker (Bullitt) directed this perverse, dream-like chiller. Sondra Locke (Sudden Impact) plays a reserved young woman living in a remote New England house with her grandmother and mother. Her already fragile world is further shaken when her father (Robert Shaw, Jaws) turns up with a woman he introduces as his fiancée! Needless to say, murder soon rears its ugly head, leading to a truly jaw-dropping ending. Sally Kellerman, Mary Ure (Mrs. Shaw), Signe Hasso and Mitchell Ryan co-star; co-scripted by Lewis John Carlino (Seconds) and photographed by Laszlo Kovacs (Shampoo). Newly remastered.


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Lewis John Carlino, Edward Hume

Based on a Work by

Stanton Forbes

Executive Producer

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William A. Fraker


Howard B. Jaffe


Gordon Anderson


Sally Kellerman, Sondra Locke, Mitchell Ryan, Robert Shaw, Hasso Signe, Mary Ure