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Ruth Williams (Rochelle Hudson, Rebel Without a Cause), a recently widowed pregnant woman, shows up at the charitable foundation of Dr. Wallace Rankin (Miles Mander, Wuthering Heights) to find help with her pregnancy. But Rankin is running an illegal adoption agency, tricking women into giving up their babies. When Ruth refuses to sign the release that gives up her child, she is told the baby died at birth. But Ruth doesn't believe Rankin, and intrepid reporter Steve Burton (Glenn Ford, 3:10 to Yuma, 1957) is on the case to bring down Rankin and others who profit from those who can't fight for themselves. Newly remastered.


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Robert Hardy Andrews

Executive Producer

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Charles Barton


Ralph Cohn


Georgia Caine, Glenn Ford, Rochelle Hudson, Isabel Jewell, Miles Mander, Joseph Stefani