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Back In Business

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Back In Business
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About Back In Business

Named NATO "Action Star of Tomorrow" for his high-octane performance in Stone Cold, Brian "The Boz" Bosworth is BACK IN BUSINESS as maverick ex-cop Joe Elkhart. Kicked off the police force and out of his marriage, Elkhart is trying to put his shattered life back together with the help of a radio talk show therapist. When it's time to patch things up with his ex-wife and his ex-partner Tony Dunbar(Joe Torry), Elkhart gets sucked into a multi-million dollar heroin scam schemed up by the corrupt cops that framed him the first time. In order to expose their game and clear his name, Elkhart decides that action is the best therapy!


Ed Decatur, Ash Staley


Peter McAlevey, Gary Wichard


Philippe Mora


Brian Bosworth, Alan Scarfe, Dara Tomanovich, Joe Torry