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Better Than Sex

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Better Than Sex
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About Better Than Sex

A one-night stand turns into three days of bonding and exploring what men and women want from life - and from each other - in this sexy and provocative romantic comedy. When Josh (David Wenham, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) and Cin (Susie Porter, Paradise Road) meet at a party, they are not initially attracted to each other. But when they share a taxi home, they decide to take advantage of an opportunity to have easy sex. Much to their surprise, their night of casual sex turns into something more than either of them expected, and as night turns to day and into night again, Josh and Cynthia realize they might have made a bigger mess of their lives than they could ever have imagined . . . their night of lust just might be the start of a beautiful relationship, and no matter how hard they both try to fight it and flee, fate keeps stepping in to bring them back together. When it comes time for Josh to leave, there is only one question left to answer: will they walk away or will they surrender?


Jonathan Teplitzky


Jonathan Teplitzky


Bruna Papandrea


Kris McQuade, David Wenham, Simon Bossell, Catherine McClements, Susie Porter