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Beyond Mombasa

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Beyond Mombasa
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About Beyond Mombasa

Director George Marshall (Destry Rides Again, How the West Was Won) directs this action adventure flick from the 1950s, when the African safari film was all the rage. With a stellar cast featuring Cornel Wilde (Shockproof, Hot Blood), Donna Reed (From Here to Eternity), and Christopher Lee (Horror of Dracula, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), the exotic locales and animal attacks aren't the only pleasures in this jungle yarn. Arriving in East Africa to join in a uranium mining operation, drifter Matt Campbell (Wilde) is told that his brother has been murdered by a native religious cult known as the Leopard Men. Along with missionary Ralph Hoyt (Leo Genn, Quo Vadis) and Hoyt's niece, Ann Wilson (Reed), Matt follows a professional guide on an exploration to learn the truth. Newly remastered.


Gene Levitt, Richard English

Based on a Work by

James Eastwood

Executive Producer

Tony Owen


George Marshall


Adrian D. Worker


Leo Genn, Christopher Lee, Ron Randell, Donna Reed, Cornel Wilde, Eddie Calvert