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Black Moon

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Black Moon

About Black Moon

After dabbling in voodoo on the island of Saint Christopher as a child, Juanita Lane (Dorothy Burgess, Hold Your Man) now finds herself powerless to resist its spell as an adult. With her daughter and her husband Stephen's (Jack Holt, Dirigible) secretary Gail (Fay Wray, King Kong), Juanita returns to the island to try to exorcise the hold that voodoo has taken upon her life. However, once on the island, Juanita falls ever deeper under the spell of the voodoo drums. Concerned for the safety of Juanita's small child, Gail contacts Stephen and requests that he come to the island immediately. Once there, Stephen finds that his wife has become the high priestess for a native rebellion, and he is forced to make a choice that will have dire consequences for everyone concerned. Newly remastered.


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Wells Root

Based on a Work by

Clements Ripley

Executive Producer

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Harry Cohn


Roy William Neill


Cora Sue Collins, Jack Holt, Clarence Muse, Fay Wray