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Blonde Ambition
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About Blonde Ambition

The City That Never Sleeps is about to meet the girl that doesn't quit. Jessica Simpson stars as Katie Gregerstitch, a small-town Oklahoma beauty who's come to New York to visit her long-time boyfriend. But after finding him in the arms of another woman, Katie decides to lose her cheating man and to find herself. With the help of two scheming co-workers (Andy Dick and Penelope Ann Miller), she lands a job at a top construction firm where she meets and falls for a great guy (Luke Wilson) with an even greater secret. Now, nothing is going to stop this go-getter from getting exactly what her heart desires in the romantic comedy that proves you can't keep a bright, beautiful down-home girl down. Also starring Willie Nelson.


David McHugh, Jessica O'Toole, John Cohen, Matthew Flanagan, Amy Rardin


Justin Berfield, David E. Ornston, Joe Simpson, Lati Grobman, Jason Felts


Scott Marshall


Andy Dick, Penelope Ann Miller, Luke Wilson, Rachael Leigh Cook, Jessica Simpson