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About Branded

Partners Dale (Buck Jones, Gordon of Ghost City) and Swede (John Oscar, The Man from Death Valley) witness a stagecoach robbery. Trying to nab the miscreant responsible, they instead get arrested. Escaping from jail, the two hightail it to a new town, running to a ranch Dale has inherited. But Dale still has the sheriff on his trail, and now he's made new trouble with the scheming Moore (Al Smith, Forbidden Trail), who wants the ranch and the hand of Lou (Ethel Kenyon, Finn and Hattie), a woman who also claims to own the land and is interested in Dale. Newly remastered.


Randall Faye


D. Ross Lederman


Harry Cohn


Buck Jones, Ethel Kenyon, Wallace MacKonald, Philo McCullough, John Oscar, Al Smith