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Caramuru - A Invencao Do Brasil

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Caramuru - A Invencao Do Brasil
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About Caramuru - A Invencao Do Brasil

In 1500, celebrated Portuguese painter Diogo Álvares (Selton Mello) is hired by the King's mapmaker to illustrate a precious document. When a French courtesan steals the map, Diogo is banished to the New World as punishment. Shipwrecked off the coast of Brazil, he swims ashore and meets Paraguaçu (Camila Pitanga), a beautiful native princess. Their love affair takes on a new dimension, when Moema (Déborah Secco), her sister, joins in on the fun. Granted the title "Caramanu, Son of Thunder" by the girls' father, Chief Itaparica, Diogo lives in state of bliss, until a chance to return to Portugal threatens to disrupt the princesses' happiness.


Guel Arraes, Jorge Furtado


Guel Arraes


Guel Arraes


Selton Mello, Camila Pitanga, Deborah Secco, Tonico Pereira