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About Caught

Academy Award® nominee Edward James Olmos (1988, Best Actor, Stand and Deliver) and Maria Conchita Alonso (Colors) star in this emotional drama about a couple trying to make their business work and the mysterious drifter who comes into their lives and changes them completely. Nick (Arie Verveen, The Thin Red Line) appears in Joe (Olmos) and Betty's (Alonso) Jersey City fish store while running away from the cops. The couple takes Nick in, and he inspires Joe and ignites passions in Betty. Neither Nick nor Betty want to hurt Joe, but their sexual attraction may be too strong to deny. When Joe and Betty's son, Danny (Steven Schub, The Thirteenth Floor), returns home after failing as a stand-up comedian, he sees what is going on and wants Nick out. CAUGHT is a gripping drama filled with powerful performances. Newly remastered.


Edward Pomerantz

Based on a Work by

Edward Pomerantz

Executive Producer

Bill Durkin, Jim Pedas, Ted Pedas, George P. Pelecanos


Robert M. Young


Richard Brick, Irwin Young


Maria Conchita Alonso, Edward James Olmos, Ari Verveen