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Crash Landing

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Crash Landing

About Crash Landing

Nancy Davis (aka Mrs. Ronald Reagan) made her last feature film appearance in this gripping Sam Katzman production. As a trans-Atlantic flight bound for New York develops engine trouble, flashbacks reveal what brought the passengers and crew to this fateful moment. (Relax — they don't land on a weird island with smoke monsters.) A fine cast adds spark to this unusual entry in a familiar genre, written by future Star Trek producer Fred Freiberger. Directed by Fred F. Sears (The Giant Claw) and starring Gary Merrill, Irene Hervey, Roger Smith and Richard Keith. Newly remastered.


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Fred Freiberger

Executive Producer

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Sam Katzman


Fred F. Sears


Nancy Davis, Irene Hervey, Jewell Lain, Gary Merrill, Bek Nelson, Roger Smith, Sheridan Comerate, Richard Keith, Lewis Martin, Hal Torey, Richard Newton, Celia Lovsky, John McNamara