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About Drive-in

This slice-of-life comedy both documents and satirizes small town life in a rural Texas town where the only entertainment in the day is the roller rink and at night the local drive-in. Hosting a cross-section of the town's population, the drive-in comes to life at night - parents show up with their kids in tow, teenage paramours arrive with their dates, and the local gangs fuel their rivalry - under the gigantic screen and at the snack bar. The film playing is a ‘70s staple: the disaster movie. Tension builds on the screen and also among the patrons. Director Rod Amateau, producer/director of legendary television series "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" and "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis," is no stranger to comedy, and this off-beat, little-known film (with a lesser-known cast) is a hilarious flashback to the seventies. Newly remastered.


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Bob Peete

Executive Producer

George Litto


Rod Amateau


Tamara Asseyev, Alex Rose


Lisa Lemole, Glenn Morshower, Gary Cavagnaro