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About Girlfight

Co-winner of the Grand Jury Prize for the Best Dramatic Film at this year's Sundance Film Festival as well as the winner for Best Direction, GIRLFIGHT heralds in a new femininity for the new century. It marks the breathtaking debut of an incendiary new filmmaker (Karyn Kusama) and a ferocious new star (Michelle Rodriguez). Drenched in sweat, emotion and attitude, GIRLFIGHT is the riveting portrait of Diana, a fierce young woman who takes up boxing as a means to reconcile with her past and embrace life on her own terms.


Karyn Kusama

Executive Producer

John Sayles, Caroline Kaplan, Jonathan Sehring


Karyn Kusama


Maggie Renzi, Sarah Green, Martha Griffin


Louis Guss, John Sayles, Jaime Tirelli, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Calderon, Thomas Barbour, Elisa Bocanegra, Santiago Douglas, Herb Lovelle, Ray Santiago, Victor Sierra, Shannon Walker Williams