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Glass House: The Good Mother

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Glass House: The Good Mother
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About Glass House: The Good Mother

Angie Harmon (TV's "Law & Order") and Joel Gretsch (The Legend of Bagger Vance) star in this chilling suspense thriller. After losing their mother and father in a tragic accident, teenager Abby Snow and her younger brother Ethan find a new home with Eve (Harmon) and Raymond Goode (Gretsch). Moving into their adoptive parents' remote mansion, however, the siblings come to the shocking realization that the Goodes are not exactly what they seem, and the Snows' dream of love and security turns into a living nightmare of cruelty, hate and terror.


Connie Dolph


Brett Merryman

Executive Producer

Nick Phillips


Billy Pollina


Steve Antin


Jason London, Angie Harmon, Joel Gretsch, Jordan Hinson, Bobby Coleman