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If You Could Only Cook

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If You Could Only Cook
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About If You Could Only Cook

Lovesick auto manufacturer Jim Buchanan (Herbert Marshall, The Little Foxes) is about to be married, but the bride doesn't love him and his board of directors shoots down every idea he has for a new car. Frustrated, he takes a walk in the park and runs into Joan (Jean Arthur, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington), a down-on-her-luck woman needing a job. When Joan suggests to Jim they apply for a job as a butler-cook couple for former bootlegger Rossini (Leo Carrillo, Phantom of the Opera), Jim goes along with it as a goof, learning from his own butler how to do the job. But as Jim falls for Joan, his real identity starts to become clearer, and it causes some calamitous situations! Newly remastered.


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Gertrude Purcell, Howard Green

Associate Producer

Everett Riskin

Executive Producer

Not Available

Story by

F. Hugh Herbert


William A. Seiter


No Producer Credited


Jean Arthur, Leo Carrillo, Alan Edwards, Frieda Inescort, Herbert Marshall, Lionel Stander