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Kill Me Quick, I'm Cold

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Kill Me Quick, I'm Cold
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About Kill Me Quick, I'm Cold

Giovanna (Monica Vitti, L'Avventura) and Franco (Jean Sorel, Belle de Jour) are lovers pretending to be brother and sister in order to con unsuspecting marks while staying in the most luxurious locales throughout Europe. In their travels, they come across the beautiful Christina (Daniela Surina, Divorce His - Divorce Hers), a girl who is being threatened by her brother, Sergio (Roberto Bisacco, Romeo and Juliet), in order to get the family fortune. But as Giovanna and Franco delve into her story, the double-crossing begins, and no one is sure who is getting tricked. Newly remastered.


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Francesco Maselli, Ennio De Concini, Andrea Barbato

Executive Producer

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Francesco Maselli


Franco Cristaldi


Jean Sorel, Monica Vitti