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Man Of The House

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Man Of The House
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About Man Of The House

When five perky cheerleaders witness the murder of a drug bust informant, they require 'round-the-clock surveillance to keep from being the next victims. Enter tough-as-nails Texas Ranger Lt. Roland Sharp (Tommy Lee Jones), who masquerades as their assistant coach and camps out in their campus digs. But these feisty foxes just want to have fun, and the buttoned-down Sharp learns it's no easy task to keep the uncontrollable coeds in line and out of harm's way. Cedric the Entertainer joins this spirited cast in a comedy that busts out with high energy, pride, and the joy of a Texas Ranger getting in touch with his feminine side.


John McLaughlin, Robert Ramsey, Matthew Stone


Todd Garner, Steven Reuther, Allyn Stewart


Stephen Herek


Anne Archer, Paget Brewster, Tommy Lee Jones, Monica Keena, Cedric The Entertainer, Vanessa Ferlito, Paula Garces, Christina Milian