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Oklahoma City Dolls

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Oklahoma City Dolls
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About Oklahoma City Dolls

Factory worker Sally Jo Purkey (Susan Blakely, The Towering Inferno) is a frustrated factory worker who is upset about the gender inequality at her workplace. While the men in the factory get time off for their semi-pro football team to practice, the women have to pick up the brunt of the work. Sally Jo comes up with the idea of creating a women's football team, hiring Coach Homer Sixx (Eddie Albert, TV's "Green Acres"). The women not only have to overcome the competition, but also the biases of the men of the company. Also featuring country music superstar Waylon Jennings, THE OKLAHOMA CITY DOLLS is a rousing sports comedy. Newly remastered.


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Executive Producer

Ike Jones


Ann Beckett


E.W. Swackhamer


Matthew Rapf


Eddie Albert, Susan Blakely, Ronee Blakley, Joan Goodfellow