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Revolver (1992)

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Revolver (1992)

About Revolver (1992)

Robert Urich (TV's "Spenser: For Hire" and "Vega$") stars as Nick Sastre, a secret intelligence agent paralyzed by an assassin's bullet, who sets out to track down his assailant and in the process, uncovers a major arms-smuggling operation that threatens international security. When Sastre's undercover assignment makes him collateral damage in a plot to kill a drug dealer and confines him to a wheelchair, his determination for revenge takes him to Barcelona, tracking the party responsible for his condition. While there, Sastre enlists the aid of a number of exotic characters, who are in one way or another connected to an international plot to smuggle missiles. The action-suspense film also stars Dakin Matthews (The Fabulous Baker Boys and Clean and Sober). Newly remastered.

Executive Producer

Mark Waxman

Story by

Mark Waxman, Rift Fournier


Mark Waxman


Gary Nelson


Christopher Seitz


Neil Dudgeon, Dakin Matthews, David Ryall, Assumpta Serna, Robert Urich, Steven Williams

Co-Executive Producer

Rift Fournier