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Scream Of Fear

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Scream Of Fear
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About Scream Of Fear

Penny (Susan Strasberg, Picnic) is a wheelchair-bound girl set to visit her father in France for the first time in ten years. When she arrives, she learns that he is away on business. She is left with her stepmother, Jane (Ann Todd, The Paradine Case), and Dr. Gerrard (Christopher Lee, The Lord of the Rings series), a friend of Penny's father who has come to visit. But when Penny continues to see her father's corpse around the house, she enlists the help of the family chauffeur, Robert (Ronald Lewis, Mr. Sardonicus), to help solve the mystery. Newly remastered.


Jimmy Sangster

Executive Producer

Michael Carreras


Seth Holt


Jimmy Sangster


Christopher Lee, Ronald Lewis, Leonard Sachs, John Serret, Susan Strasberg, Ann Todd, Anne Blake, Fred Johnson