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Special Inspector

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Special Inspector
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About Special Inspector

U.S. Customs Agent Tom Evans (Charles Quigley, The Shadow) is tasked with taking down a smuggling ring that is stealing furs from Canadian trucks and selling them in San Francisco. Posing as a truck driver, Tom picks up Patricia (Rita Hayworth, Gilda), a woman in distress and in need of a ride. Along with his partner, the trio hits the road, but they are quickly captured by the smugglers. Tom escapes and resumes his job at the fur-shipping company, only to be hijacked again. This time, however, Tom's cover is blown and he must figure out how to take down the smugglers once and for all. Newly remastered.


Edgar Edwards


Leon Barsha


Kenneth J. Bishop


Edgar Edwards, Rita Hayworth, George McKay, Charles Quigley