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Sony make.believe

Special Features - In-Depth 11-Part Making of Documentary, Deleted Scenes, Filmmaker Commentary, Gag Reel
  • Johnny Rico

    A General of the Federation but still considers himself one of the Mobile Infantry. Currently on duty to protect earth from the L-6 satellite base and also serves as the commander of Marauder project. Still has a thing for Carmen.

    Johnny Rico Johnny Rico
  • Carmen Ibanez

    Now Captain of the Starship John A. Warden. Confident and tougher than ever after the bitter experience at Klendathu but very angry at Carl after he commandeers her ship.

    Carmen Ibanez Carmen Ibanez
  • Carl Jenkins

    Minister of Paranormal Warfare who has been further developing his psychic ability. With intelligence overshadowed by arrogance, his research may lead to disastrous results.

    Carl Jenkins Carl Jenkins
  • Major Henry Varro, A.K.A. Hero

    Commander of the K-12 team at Fort Casey before being arrested for insubordination by Carl Jenkins. Now a prisoner being sent to earth for court martial.

    Major Henry Varro, A.K.A. Hero Major Henry Varro, A.K.A. Hero
  • Lieutenant Otis Hacks, A.K.A. Bugspray

    Acting commander of K-12 team at Fort Casey. Handsome playboy.

    Lieutenant Otis Hacks, A.K.A. Bugspray Lieutenant Otis Hacks, A.K.A. Bugspray
  • Lieutenant Tony Daugherty

    Commander of A-1 team on Alesia. Tough like a drill sergeant, though always acts with composure.

    Lieutenant Tony Daugherty Lieutenant Tony Daugherty
  • Ratzass

    A Sergeant from the K-12 team. Give him a gun, point him in the right direction and off he goes. Not smart enough to do anything else or to care that he might not last long. Much better with women in his own head than usually plays out on the ship.

    Ratzass Ratzass
  • Trig

    Sniper from A-1 team. Keeps count of the bugs she has killed in homage to her parents who were killed by a plasma bomb. Young but determined.

    Trig Trig
  • Mech

    Sergeant and explosives specialist from the A-1 team. He eats, drinks and sleeps bombs and other weaponry.

    Mech Mech
  • Ice Blond

    Corporal from A-1 team. Beautiful but lethal, she's serving to protect and support her children back on Earth. Her husband was killed in service. She wants to become a citizen.

    Ice Blond Ice Blond
  • Holyman

    Private from K-12 team. He's got tattoos of every religion but not quite sure what religion he's part of. Figures one of them has to work.

    Holyman Holyman
  • Chow

    Lance Corporal from A-1 team. Mechanical specialist and martial arts master. Quiet like a Zen master but very competitive.

    Chow Chow
  • Shock Jock

    Medic. A recent recruit and not experienced, thus lacks confidence.

    Shock Jock Shock Jock
  • Power Suit

    Powered armor useful not only for physical enhancement (such as jumping) but also enabled with sneak mode (silencing footsteps) and a magnetic stabilizer.

    Power Suit Power Suit
  • Marauder MKII

    A new version of the Marauder Exo-skeleton weapon. Armed with Gatling gun, missiles, and chain saw. Still in development and not fully deployed for the war.

    Marauder MKII Marauder MKII
  • Plasma Grenadier Bug

    A creepy bug with ability to shoot plasma cannon. Although smaller than the original Plasma bugs, it's still a heavy duty bug.

    Plasma Grenadier Bug Plasma Grenadier Bug
  • Warrior Bug

    The primary soldier of the enemy, these hoards of merciless drones work in mass to overpower anything in their way. Not even power armor can withstand their bites for long.

    Warrior Bug Warrior Bug