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Teenage Crime Wave

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Teenage Crime Wave
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About Teenage Crime Wave

Jane Koberly (Sue England, Funny Face) thinks that she is merely going on a double date, but when her friend Terry (Mollie McCart, A Kiss Before Dying), her boyfriend, Mike (Tommy Cook, Panic in the Streets), and Jane's date hold up a businessman, Jane is wrongly accused of being involved in the crime. Sentenced to a year in reform school, Mike hijacks the car taking the girls to prison, killing the driver, and the three hole up in a farmhouse. As the police close in on the house, the tension between the three fugitives builds, and things get out of control. A harrowing tale of bad kids going too far, TEENAGE CRIME WAVE takes stories from the headlines of the time and turns them into a tense drama. Newly remastered.


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Harry Essex, Ray Buffum

Executive Producer

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Sam Katzman


Fred F. Sears


Marshall Bradford, Tommy Cook, Frank De Kova, Sue England, Joseph Hamilton, Mollie McCart