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The Accidental Husband

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The Accidental Husband

About The Accidental Husband

Gadzooks! These be terrible times in the kingdom of Bruno the Questionable! At the darkest hour of the Dark Ages (hey, who turned off the lights?), the dreaded Jabberwock roams the land. His eyes aflame, his talons bared a bone-crushing horror! Which brave knight shall slay the beast and save the kingdom? Who shall win the hand of the fair princess? Could it be Dennis the Apprentice (Michael Palin), a mere dolt and silly fool who carries a potato and loves the fat Griselda? Shall he save the kingdom? Or will he be smitten with chamberpots and made to eat rats on a stick? Arrrgh!


Mimi Hare, Clare Naylor, Bonnie Sikowitz


Uma Thurman, Bob Yari, Suzanne Todd, Jennifer Todd, Jason Blum


Griffin Dunne


Keir Dullea, Colin Firth, Isabella Rossellini, Sam Shepard, Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan