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The Big Gusher

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The Big Gusher
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About The Big Gusher

A couple of roughnecks in the oil industry, Kenny (Wayne Morris, Paths of Glory) and Hank (Preston Foster, Kansas City Confidential), end up having a drunken night after successfully finding oil. Hank meets up with a waitress, Betsy (Dorothy Patrick, Come to the Stable), who gets him to buy the lease to an oil field from sketchy businessman Jim Tolman (Emmett Vogan, The Mummy's Tomb). But when Cappy (Paul E. Burns, Son of Paleface), a diviner, is convinced that there is oil on their land, Kenny and Hank agree to an equipment lease that would give the land back to Tolman within 60 days. It is a race against time to find oil, or lose everything. Newly remastered.


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Daniel B. Ullman

Executive Producer

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Wallace MacDonald


Lew Landers


Paul E. Burns, Preston Foster, Wayne Morris, Eddie Parker, Dorothy Patrick, Emmett Vogan