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The Brothers Solomon

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The Brothers Solomon
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About The Brothers Solomon

When their dying father (Lee Majors) wishes to meet his first grandchild before he meets his maker, the Solomon brothers (Will Arnett and Will Forte) find it's easier said than done. Raised in the female-free Arctic wilderness, the lads have no idea how to even talk to a woman, let alone convince her to have a baby. Realizing the future of their family lies in their hands, the clueless duo set out to "make a baby for Dad." Kristen Wiig co-stars in this wild and crazy comedy about two guys who'll do whatever it takes to give their father an heir.


Gail Laskowski


Will Forte

Executive Producer

Paddy Cullen, Caryn Mandabach


Matt Berenson, Tom Werner


Bob Odenkirk


Chi McBride, Will Arnett, Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Malin Akerman