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The Deal (2006)

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The Deal (2006)
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About The Deal (2006)

In this thrilling tale of mystery and intrigue, Laura Martin's (Penelope Ann Miller) seemingly perfect world collapses when a fire rips through her husband Oscar's (Andoni Gracia) Barcelona winery, killing him and the couple's 7-year-old daughter. But when a U.S. Embassy official (Henry Thomas) informs her that the blaze was the work of an arsonist--and that the primary suspect is her husband--Laura is revived by the hope that her family may still be alive and in hiding. Her despair quickly turns to determination as she delves into Oscar's past to untangle the twisted lies about the man she married and makes a deal with the Mob to find of her child.


Roger Corbi


Nick Angelo, Sam Hayes


Manuel Corbi


Bryan Goeres


Penelope Ann Miller, Dean Stockwell, Henry Thomas, Andoni Gracia, Ismael 'East' Carlo