The First Time

"Grade: A-, The First Time snuck up on me,
and ultimately knocked me for a loop."

Noel Murray, The Onion A.V. Club click for more.

"The First Time gets to the core of pre-college angst."
"This kind of honesty is something to be thankful for."

Daniel Mecca: The Film Stage

"I loved it so hard – just amazing. Brilliant performances!"
Jarett Weiselman: ET Online

"The First Time captures how first experiences – whether
it's falling in love or losing your virginity – can be both
exciting and awkward at the same time."

Emily Laurence: Seventeen

"The First Time is among the most enjoyable movies of 2012!"
"Jon Kasdan has made an instant teen classic!"
"A wonderful and surprising movie!"
"The First Time is one of my favorite films of the year!"

Joey Magidson : click for more.

A hapless but hopeful Dylan O'Brien pines for popular
girl Victoria Justice while bonding with cynical platonic
pal Britt Robertson in this enjoyably awkward love
story. It's indebted to retro high school flicks like
Some Kind of Wonderful and Can't Hardly Wait, but pays that debt off with wit and emotion."

Matt Sullivan / In Touch