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The Lineup

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The Lineup
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About The Lineup

From legendary director Don Siegel (Dirty Harry) comes this compelling crime thriller based on a popular television series. Dancer (Eli Wallach, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) is a psychopathic San Francisco gangster who uses unwitting tourists to bring in heroin from the Orient. When one of the deliveries goes awry, a cop gets killed, bringing the police into action. But Dancer and his associate, Julian (Robert Keith, Guys and Dolls), have three new unsuspecting carriers, including a little girl with a Japanese doll. It is up to the police to solve the case before Dancer kills innocent people. Newly remastered.


Stirling Silliphant

Based on a Work by

Lawrence L. Klee


Don Siegel


Jamie Del Valle


Warner Anderson, Raymond Bailey, Cheryl Callaway, Richard Jaeckel, Robert Keith, Mary Laroche, William Leslie, Marshall Reed, Eli Wallach, Emile Meyer, Vaughn Taylor