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Theodora Goes Wild

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Theodora Goes Wild
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About Theodora Goes Wild

The town of Lynnfield is up in arms over the local newspaper running excerpts of a scandalous new novel by Caroline Adams, The Sinner. What they do not know is that Caroline Adams is indeed a local girl, Theodora Lynn (five-time Academy Award® nominee Irene Dunne,1939, Best Actress, Love Affair), writing under a pseudonym. As Theodora tries to hide her secret, book jacket designer Michael Grant (two-time Academy Award® winner Melvyn Douglas, 1970, Best Actor, I Never Sang for My Father) comes into town, knowing all about her. The two of them create a ruckus in town, causing all of the gossips to go crazy. But Michael has a secret of his own, and now it's up to Theodora to do some investigating in this delightful comedy. Newly remastered.


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Sidney Buchman

Associate Producer

Everett Riskin

Executive Producer

Not Available

Story by

Mary McCarthy


Richard Boleslawski


No Producer Credited


Melvyn Douglas, Irene Dunne, Thurston Hall, Thomas Mitchell