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The Soul Of A Monster

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The Soul Of A Monster

About The Soul Of A Monster

Esteemed actress Rose Hobart (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1931) stars in this moody horror film reminiscent of the classic chillers of Val Lewton. A noted surgeon (George Macready, Gilda) lies terminally ill, but a strange woman appears and announces she can cure him; she succeeds, but the good doctor now behaves a little bit... differently. Creepily photographed by Academy Award®-winner Burnett Guffey (1967, Best Cinematography, Bonnie and Clyde), this seldom-seen thriller is a must for those who like their fright a little bit... different. Will Jason (Movie Pests) directs from a script by Edward Dein (Lewton's The Leopard Man). Newly remastered.


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Edward Dein

Executive Producer

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Will Jason


Ted Richmond


Jim Bannon, Jeanne Bates, Ernest Hilliard, Rose Hobart, George MacReady, Erik Rolf