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The Stranglers Of Bombay

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The Stranglers Of Bombay
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About The Stranglers Of Bombay

In nineteenth-century India, a murderous cult runs rampant, killing thousands of unwitting travelers and stealing their goods. The British East India Company decides to act, hiring the newly arrived Captain Connaught-Smith (Allan Cuthbertson, Performance) instead of Captain Lewis (Guy Rolfe, Taras Bulba), who knows the area and the people well. Frustrated with Connaught-Smith's methods, Lewis decides to investigate on his own, leading to information that may take down the dastardly cult once and for all. Based on true, chilling events, THE STRANGLERS OF BOMBAY is a compelling and terrifying tale. Newly remastered.


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David Z. Goodman

Associate Producer

Anthony Nelson-Keys

Executive Producer

Michael Carreras


Terence Fisher


Anthony Hinds


Andrew Cruickshank, Allen Cuthbertson, George Pastell, Guy Rolfe, Jan Holden, Marne Maitland, Paul Stassino