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The Unwelcome Stranger

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The Unwelcome Stranger
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About The Unwelcome Stranger

Howard Chamberlain (Jack Holt, They Were Expendable) is a renowned but superstitious horse breeder. When an orphan, Gimpy (Jackie Searl, The Paleface), shows up at his house looking for a place to stay, Howard resists, thinking that orphans are a jinx. Howard's wife, Madeline (Mona Barrie, Something to Sing About), doesn't listen to Howard, however, and lets Gimpy into their home to work in the barn. Suddenly, Howard's superstitious ways are put to the test. Newly remastered.


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Crane Wilbur

Executive Producer

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Phil Rosen


Bryan Foy


Mona Barrie, Frankie Darro, Jack Holt, Ralph Morgan, Bradley Page, Jackie Searl