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Thrill Hunter

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Thrill Hunter
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About Thrill Hunter

Buck Crosby (Buck Jones, The Gunman From Bodie) saves movie star Marjorie Lane (Dorothy Revier, The Iron Mask) from an out-of-control horse and befriends the actress. Buck portrays himself as a hero, but in reality he is braggart and a liar; he tells tall tales about exploits he never did, such as racing cars and flying airplanes in China. When he is falsely credited with taking down a couple of bandits, he is brought to Hollywood to be a star. However, Buck's lies become too much, and when he is asked to fly a plane, the truth comes out. But when Marjorie is kidnapped, Buck has a chance to redeem himself and save the day. Newly remastered.


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Harry Hoyt

Executive Producer

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George B. Seitz


Irving Briskin


Robert Ellis, Buck Jones, Frank LaRue, Edward Le Saint, Dorothy Revier, Arthur Rankin