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Yankee Zulu

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Yankee Zulu
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About Yankee Zulu

Rhino (Leon Schuster, You Must Be Joking!) and Zulu (John Matshikiza, Cry Freedom) were childhood friends in South Africa who went their separate ways, with Zulu going to America. Twenty-five years later, their paths cross again when Zulu is deported back to South Africa. When Zulu steals a winning lottery ticket worth $500,000, Rhino and Zulu partner up to get the ticket to Sun City in time to claim the prize. However, their efforts are hindered when Rhino's ex-wife and her new husband, the original owner of the ticket, will do anything to get it back. Newly remastered.


Leon Schuster


Gray Hofmeyr


Andre Scholtz


Michelle Bowes, Wilson Dunster, John Matshikiza, Terri Treas