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22 Jump Street 22 Jump Street

Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill: World Cup Tips on "Flopping" YouTube

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Summer Favorites

Gearing up for the Summer

Get ready for Summer with some recent comedy and action classics.

  1. 21 Jump Street
  2. Grown Ups
  3. Godzilla
  4. The Amazing Spider-Man
  5. Men in Black

Tv Facts

The Blacklist's James Spader

  • The Blacklist

    James Spader attended boarding school with acclaimed director Peter Sellars.

  • The Blacklist

    Spader appeared in a host of 1980s films alongside members of the "Brat Pack," frequently playing the role of the teenage trouble maker.

  • The Blacklist

    The Blacklist marks the first time the 53-year-old TV veteran has launched a new show.

  • The Blacklist

    In preparing for roles, Spader likes to converse with the writers and rely on his own instincts in lieu of conducting extensive research.

  • The Blacklist

    Spader is the only actor to win consecutive Emmys portraying the same character on two different series (The Practice and Boston Legal