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Battle Dome - Season 1

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Battle Dome - Season 1
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About Battle Dome - Season 1

BATTLE DOME combines brute strength with unquestionable beauty in a competition requiring brains, brawn and athletic endurance. Average people get into the Dome to face a cadre of colorful competitors (including Terry Crews from TV's "Everybody Hates Chris") in a variety of exciting games to see who will hold the Battle Dome championship belt. Also featuring an assortment of gorgeous ladies (including Playboy's Dahm Triplets), BATTLE DOME is a fast, frenetic mixture of sports and entertainment. Newly remastered.


David Garrett, Jason Ward

Executive Producer

Stephen R. Brown


Bob Levy


Mark Waxman, Mark Binke, Todd A. Nelson


Timothy Elwell, Chad Bannon, Christian Boeving, Terry Crews, Michael O'Hearn