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Pay Per View & Video on Demand

What could be better than relaxing at home with a movie of your choice? With Pay Per View and Video On Demand you can stay at home and order in the latest Hollywood blockbusters without ever leaving the comfort of your favorite armchair.

It's easy, convenient, and you never have to worry about a title being out of stock, or paying late fees because you forgot to return a movie on time. You only pay for the movie you order.

All you need to order Pay Per View is an addressable converter box or a satellite receiver. If you don't already have one of these, please contact your local cable operator or satellite service provider.

Video On Demand is the technology that allows you to order a Hollywood movie at the exact moment you want to watch it. There are no pre-set start times. Video on Demand also lets you control the movie you are watching just like a VCR would. You have the ability to Fast-forward, Rewind and Pause your movie at any time. Contact your local cable operator or internet service provider to find out if Video On Demand is available in your area.

To order a movie or find out what is scheduled on Pay Per View and Video On Demand, check out one of the following service providers: Movielink, CinemaNow, Dish Network, DIRECTV, TV Guide, In Demand, or Avail-TVN.

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