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The Non-Fat Yogurt

While at Kramer's new and very popular frozen yogurt store, George runs into Lloyd Braun, a childhood friend and now high-powered advisor to New York City's mayor, David Dinkins. Embarrassed when Lloyd calls attention to a nudge he gives Jerry, George defends himself by claiming that an accident has caused his elbow to move involuntarily. So, when he drops by the Costanzas' with an invitation to see Mayor Dinkins' doctor about the problem, George's grateful mother insists that he accept before telling Lloyd how to contact Elaine. Meanwhile, realizing that they have been gaining weight, Elaine suggests testing the yogurt's fat content, while Kramer's business partners warn Jerry to stop using obscenities around their young son.

Upon discovering that Kramer has made a date with the chemist charged with testing the yogurt, Jerry and Elaine worry about her objectivity. Then, as George complains that the doctor's appointment was made just to embarrass him, Elaine announces that she is going to be dating Lloyd. Although claiming that obscene language will prevent him from growing up to be a successful comedian, Jerry curses Matthew when he destroys a videotape of his latest monologue. Meanwhile, when Elaine suggests that he propose everyone wear nametags to make the city a friendlier place, the idea turns Mayor Dinkins into a laughingstock and costs Lloyd his job.

As Jerry learns that the yogurt does have fat in it after all, George is accused by the doctor of lying about his injury. Then, while at the lab with Cheryl, Kramer inadvertently contaminates a blood sample from mayoral candidate Rudolph Giuliani, raising questions about his health. So, worried that the frozen yogurt may be the cause, Jerry calls Giuliani's campaign headquarters with the lab results, prompting the candidate to promise he will cleanse the city of phony non-fat yogurt. Finally, Giuliani rides the frozen yogurt scandal to victory as Kramer's new business turns from an overnight success into an instant failure.

Following up on the somewhat vague job offer, George decides to simply start working while Mr. Tuttle is on vacation and, introducing himself as the new employee and is assigned to work on the Pensky account. Meanwhile, when Jerry goes to Gino's apartment for another haircut, Enzo drops by unexpectedly, forcing him to hide in the closet. But, upon finding a familiar looking hair, Enzo suspects his nephew of trying to steal one of his customers. So, stuck with a poor haircut, Jerry sends Kramer to the charity auction in his place while, complaining about the disloyalty of a customer, Enzo asks Newman for a sample of Jerry's hair.

Given the hair sample, Enzo quickly confirms it is the same as the one he found in Gino's apartment and sets out for revenge. Arriving to find Jerry and Gino watching a favorite movie together, Enzo threatens to kill them both until he is entranced by the film and quickly forgets what he came for. After Pensky drops in to inquire about his file and makes George another vague job offer, Mr. Tuttle returns from his vacation and expresses dismay that he has done so little in his absence. So, convinced he can get a job with Pensky, George quits -- only to learn that his other prospective employer is under indictment and cannot hire anyone.

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