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The Butter Shave

Following an accident that cost him his job and left him on crutches, George starts looking for work. And much to his surprise, his first inquiry with a playground equipment manufacturer leads to an interview. As Jerry suspects that comic Kenny Bania is taking advantage of his own popularity, a month in Europe with boyfriend David Puddy is too much for Elaine. Meanwhile, with Bania claiming credit for ideas that are Jerry's, George's interview immediately turns into a job. And realizing that his crutches led to him being mistaken for having a handicap, George does nothing to suggest otherwise.

As Kramer experiments with butter as a shaving cream, Jerry discovers that Bania is dating his previous girlfriend and has been scheduled to follow him at a TV comedy showcase. While Elaine and David find it hard to end their relationship during a flight home, Kramer's experiment backfires when he butters his skin before sunbathing. With Kramer basting himself to keep his skin from drying out, a shaving accident leaves George with a sprained ankle. Yet upon concluding that George has been minimizing the severity of his handicap, his boss gives him a motorized cart so he doesn't have to walk at all.

As Elaine and Davidts efforts to make up in flight fall flat, Jerry decides to sabotage Bania by giving him a poor act to follow at the showcase. And as Newman finds it hard to resist Kramer's delicious smell, George's untimely encounter with an elderly man lets Mr. Thomassoulo see that he may not be handicapped after all. Finally, after a cab shortage throws Elaine and David together again, Jerry's plan backfires when Bania is asked to write a new TV comedy pilot instead of him.

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