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The Burning

After borrowing her boyfriend's car, Elaine is surprised to find its radio has been preprogrammed to Christian rock stations. Wondering if he's religious or just too lazy to change them, she switches the radio's buttons. And once Puddy changes them all back, she's disappointed to realize that he's not as shallow as she thought. Meanwhile, as George learns how to exit after making a good joke, Kramer and his friend Mickey hone their acting skills at a medical school where they are hired to pretend they are sick. And while Mickey hits the jackpot with bacterial meningitis, Kramer is disappointed to draw gonorrhea.

As George continues to polish his comedic skills on his co-workers at Kruger, Jerry discovers that his new girlfriend hasn't been totally honest about herself. So, as Puddy announces that Elaine is going to Hell, Jerry wonders just what secret Sophie is harboring. Meanwhile, Kruger dismisses everyone else on the staff, leaving George responsible for keeping the company afloat.

As Kramer discovers his gonorrhea performance has typecast him at the medical school, Elaine is upset with David's unhelpful attitude. So she takes him to consult with a priest and feels vindicated upon learning that they are both headed for an eternity in Hell. Finally, as Kramer secretly switches diseases with Mickey, Jerry learns that Sophie's secret involves her own case of gonorrhea.

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