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The Strong Box

As George plots to get rid of his latest girlfriend, Elaine is attracted to someone new. But when Glenn remains secretive about his phone number and job, Elaine suspects he's married -- until an invitation to his apartment reveals he's hiding the fact that he's poor. Meanwhile, as George finds that Maura has no interest in breaking up, Kramer gets a strongbox for his valuables and then hides the key in Jerry's apartment. But Jerry keeps finding it by accident, undermining Kramer's efforts.

Hoping it will put off Maura, George decides to have an affair with a woman at work. But the ploy backfires when Loretta and Maura agree to work things out. Then, before hiding the key in their neighbor's apartment, Kramer locks up a pair of cufflinks Jerry bought in hopes of meeting their original owner, comedian Jerry Lewis. But after hiding the key in the bowl used to feed Phil's pet parrot, it's suddenly missing and the bird mysteriously dies.

Realizing that the key is what killed their neighbor's bird, Jerry takes Kramer to the pet cemetery to recover it. But when Phil and his wife come to visit the grave, they find them digging it up. Finally, because Kramer actually left the strongbox unlocked, everything, including Jerry's cufflinks, is stolen. And after Elaine learns that Glenn is both poor and married, she decides to call off their relationship.

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