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The Bookstore

At a local bookstore where he, George and Kramer are hoping to meet some women, Jerry sees Uncle Leo shoplifting. Questioned about it later, Leo reveals that all senior citizens do it. And while hoping to scare him by alerting the store's security guard the next time it happens, Jerry is stunned when his uncle is arrested. Meanwhile, after he's forced to buy a $100 book he was caught reading in the bookstore's bathroom, George tries to take it back, only to find that it's been flagged as unreturnable.

As Elaine worries about what making out with a co-worker at an office party will do to her reputation, Kramer and Newman team up to start a rickshaw service in New York. So, while Elaine tries to salvage her reputation by claiming that she and Zach are dating, the homeless man Kramer and Newman hire to help out steals their rickshaw. Meanwhile, when his mom and dad call to complain about him turning Leo in, Jerry discovers that not only does his uncle have a criminal record, but that his parents steal, too.

After his book is refused by stores all over town, George tries passing it off on Elaine, until Jerry reveals why it can't be returned. As Kramer and Newman set out to recover their stolen rickshaw, Peterman asks that Elaine help her boyfriend Zach recover from a heroin addiction. While Elaine struggles to help Zach go cold turkey and Jerry worries about Uncle Leo's revenge, George can't even give his book away. And when he steals another copy to return for the refund, Jerry turns him in exchange for getting Uncle Leo off the hook. Finally, an out of control rickshaw accidentally runs over Zach, forcing Elaine to nurse him through his recovery.

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