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The Robbery


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When Jerry goes Out of town for the weekend, Elaine comes to stay in his apartment to get a break from her roommate. When she complains to George about needing another apartment, he claims to have a good possibility in Jerry's price range, leaving his apartment open for Elaine. Returning from his trip to find the apartment has been robbed, Jerry decides to take George up on his offer and look for a new place to live.

When Jerry sees the apartment George recommended, he decides to move and let Elaine have his old place. After selling Elaine his couch, Jerry learns that George would also like to move into the new apartment. Uncomfortable with moving in while knowing of George's interest, Jerry suggests they flip a coin with the winner getting the apartment. When George disputes the result of the toss, they play a game of choose, which Jerry wins.

Feeling bad about taking an apartment George wanted, Jerry offers to give it up. When George refuses his offer to let him have the place, Jerry decides not to move in anyway, leaving Elaine without a new apartment and no new couch as well. After he rents the new apartment to a waitress who overheard their arguing about it, George and Jerry are invited to a housewarming where they learn just how wonderful living there could have been.

SEINFACTS SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld

"The Robbery" was the first Seinfeld episode not to be written by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.

Jerry was a victim of a robbery in real life. The burglars broke through the wall to get his stuff. He said afterward that it was like being robbed by Superman.

While warming up the audience, Jerry improvised the routine about getting the middle finger and it worked so well, it was used in the opening monologue instead of the prepared material.

Kramer makes his first sliding entrance in "The Robbery." According to Richards, he was late on his cue so he compensated by coming in very fast. When everyone laughed, the actor decided to develop the entrances into what eventually became his trademark.

According to an early draft of the script, Jerry's English neighbor is called "Berbick."

SEINSPEAK SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeld


"Let's see, that's uh, one TV, a stereo, one leather jacket, a VCR and a computer, is that 'bout it?"


"Answering machine."


"Answering machine. Oh, I hate the idea of somebody out there returning my calls."

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